The Edison Tech Center has created many videos for the Lighting program.

You can see all our primary lighting videos in our 13 video line-up using the YouTube playlist here.

ETC YouTube Channel

Incandescent Lamp History Video Playlist

Fluorescent Lamp Video Playlist

List of our Lighting Videos on our YouTube Channel:

Arc Lamps

Incandescent Lamps

Incandescent Lamps History 1

Incandescent Lamps History 2

Blackening of an incandescent bulb animation

The Nernst Lamp

Nernst Lamp Graphic Video

Neon and Argon Lamp

Low Pressure Sodium Lamps

High Pressure Sodium Lamps

Prototype HPS Lamp at the Edison Tech Center

What is an HID Lamp?

The Mercury Vapor Lamp

Halogen Tungsten Lamp

Fluorescent Lamps

Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts

How the Fluorescent Lamp Works – graphic video

History of Consumer Fluorescent Lamps

Electroluminescent Lamps

Thin Film EL Structure

Cool 1904 Induction Lamps

The Induction Lamp

LEDs and OLEDs

More on OLEDs History

OLEDs the Future of Illumination

How a Semiconductor Laser Works with inventor Bob Hall