Knob and Tube Wiring

Long before vinyl, pvc and other plastic wiring our world was wired with cloth braid, rubber and ceramic. Our resident light expert Rick DeLaire just loves talking about this period in our history.

He speaks about knob and tube wiring in our video here. And in addition we have included the gallery of photos featuring Rick’s knob and tube work.


One of Rick’s historic double pole switches
This used to be the typical room switch!
Using new old stock to create shop lighting using knob and tube.
Various sizes of tubes to enter a breaker box (fuse box)
Complex and well organized work with knob and tube

All 12 Videos in one Playlist

The Electric Light program involved publishing 12 videos that include all forms of electric light used for displays or general illumination.  Each video was published as they were created so it is hard to put them together into the complete set without searching. We have assembled all 12 videos and added our laser video in one playlist. This playlist doesn’t include all the outtake videos from the program, but keeps focus on teaching the major forms of light and moves on to the next.

The Electric Light Playlist is here.