Welcome to the the Lighting Program at Edison Tech Center. This was the first program to fully examine the history of all forms of the electric light. In the program we have 12 major categories of light.

LightbulbInventors700pxl We have many graphics and videos in the program to assist in teaching you how each form of light worked and who each of the major inventors were. The program will cover:

  • How the technology works
  • How it looks like: Shapes, colors and forms of the type of light
  • The stories of who invented and the times they lived in
  • Interdependencies and connections between different inventors and companies.
  • Discussion of efficiency and the best places to use each form of light
  • Occasional mention of interesting sites and places that have examples of the light

The project is hosted by light collector Rick DeLair and takes input from Edison Tech Center’s volunteers as well as photos and papers submitted by the original inventors of several of the modern light sources.

The lighting site was built on static HTML pages and those will remain reference pages full of cool pics, and information. Use our main pages here to guide you through the Tour EL and click on the links to the main page if you want more depth.

Who is this for?

This program is for both students interested in technology and adults who want to fill in gaps in their knowledge. Everyone will find this program useful as we disspell many myths about the history of the electric light.

Forms of this program

TourEL-BOXwDVDs300pThis program is centered around our videos. We have 12 main videos and a number of appendixes created from outtakes which cover other details. You can purchase this program on DVD by contacting us. You can also subscribe to our Facebook page which occasionally has updates and new photos of lighting technology related items as well as other areas of engineering.

How to start

Click the button below to begin the program, you will travel forward in time starting with year 1800. We use the date the light was first invented as a placeholder. Most of these forms of light continue to live on today and are constantly improving.



This course is a creation of the Edison Tech Center

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