Welcome to the Edison Tech Center! For 21 years we have been helping people young and old connect with the amazing world of engineering through our facilities in Schenectady, NY and through our online multi-media publications.


From Seoul to Moscow to our home in Schenectady, New York engineers and institutions have contributed to the production of our media material, and donors have contributed artifacts of technology. Millions of people have watched our videos and others have used online articles for research.


You can use our videos, reference pages and blog articles in the classroom. Educators often use our pages to get a background on electrical history or the “how it works” when they create material for class.


Students and adults of all professions and ages have used our material to learn about exciting technologies. Our pages consist of new pages and some old pages from the pre-2005 period, so be aware that the look of the pages and level of depth will vary depending on how much material we have gathered. In most cases we use original vibrant photos, videos and diagrams to illustrate concepts or show technologies.

Check our Resources Page to get started.


Picon-UnivInstrum300The Universe of Instrumentation project is our latest project highlighting sensors and tools used by everyone, especially engineers. Currently we have built Unit 1 on ammeters, voltmeters and different kinds of multi-meters. We are working on Units 2 and 3 and you can check out the latest from our Universe of Instrumentation site.

TOUR EL: This history of Electric Lighting:

This IEEE funded program teaches viewers about each of the major forms of electric light from the carbon arc lamp to the LED. More uniquely, we went into depth on the history of the engineers who contributed to forms of light. See the website we have created especially for this program: TOUR EL >


In cooperation with the Minerals Education Coalition we have created two videos on the process of creating vital materials for electrical devices. We cover the mining, purification and uses of copper and Iron >

Discover engineering past present and future!