The Edison Tech Center is an organization that celebrates the progression of technology and importance engineers have played in our society. We encourage both youth and adults to understand engineering through hands-on learning and multimedia programs. Our facility in Schenectady provides access to samples of technology spanning over 130 years. Learn about the engineering pioneers who helped improve our world through our artifacts, or via our digital resources.

The Edison Tech Center was founded in 2001 by John D. Harnden Jr. His background growing up among some of General Electric’s greatest pioneers of the 20th century helped him discover the amazing life path of engineering. Later he went on to lead engineers and pioneer many devices at the General Electric Research Laboratory. He continues to exude the essence of discovery while keeping a keen understanding of the past. Many engineers like John not only enjoy their career, but enjoy a feeling of fulfillment having improved something that benefits humanity.

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The Edison Tech Center has worked with many foundations and organizations over the years to create content that not only focuses on whats “new”, but has a message with deep roots and a holistic understanding. It’s not just about the machine, but the human, and the life and the times behind the invention. It’s about connections, and in our educational material you will see how many individuals inspired or mentored others, leading to generations of innovations. In the youth of our next generation some will find their calling as an engineer and we intend to help them connect with the enlightening and important legacy of technology.

The non-profit is based in a historic cradle of technological innovation.  Schenectady New York attracted and nourished some of the world’s greatest innovators from Charles P. Steinmetz to David Packard.  General Electric, IBM, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Bechtel Marine Propulsion and many others operate in the Hudson-Mohawk Valley region of New York State.  It was Joseph Henry from the region who worked in parallel with Michael Faraday to found the commercial side of the electrical age in the 1830s. The Edison Tech Center continues the legacy of successful engineers handed down from the greats of past ages.

If you have enjoyed our content or simply would like to support the cause you can our donation for a tax-deductible contribution, or feel free to sponsor our projects and programs. We are a registered 501(c)3 (registered as “Edison Exploratorium, Inc.” EIN: 14-1833387) in the State of New York.

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