Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the questions we get the most from callers and those who email.


When are you open?

We are open on limited days and times so please see our calendar to make sure before you visit.

Will you buy my old [thing]?
Are you selling that old [thing]?

No. We accept some donated items of rare technology items. We never buy items. We are not a flea market.  Our buildings are close to capacity when it comes to storage so we are careful about what items we accept.


I see a fact that is wrong on the website can you change it?

We can change statements if you have supporting evidence or actually worked in the field at the time of the history mentioned. We’ve been contacted by historians and the inventors themselves¬† before and its great when they provide some more details we can publish. Others have pointed out small problems and we put it on a list of edits to do and they eventually get changed.

If you are a member of the Tesla personality cult we will ignore your email and block you. Our mission is to tell the whole story of technology as much as possible, and that includes many unsung heroes of history from all corporations and nationalities. We do not promote pop science or support conspiracy theories.

Will you answer my technical question?

No, but if you comment on our video or blog maybe another user will answer you. YouTube comments on our videos will likely give you the fastest answer.

Can I use your photo or video?

Please see our media licensing page for this.


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