Media Licensing

The Edison Tech Center has both stock video, photos and finished edited works. We have licensed video to everyone from the History Channel to French television. It taken many years and lots of investment to build our unique media assets.

We do not license media for free.

Educational Use: If you are a teacher or student you can show our videos or material in class under Fair Use law. If you want to publish a video in an electronic publication you can use YouTube’s embed tool to embed our videos from our channel into your document.  You don’t need to ask us to use the embed tool or for fair use as long as you comply with the law.

Commercial Use: If you are a serious media entity and wish to license our material please contact us with specifics about what you’d like to license. Please send us the link to the specific page, video or item you are interested in. We don’t license 100% of our material so let us know and we will let you know if that item is able to be licensed and which fee category it fits under. Thanks!

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