Minerals in our Electrical World

What makes advancements in technology? Answer: design and materials. The Minerals in our Electrical World video series tells the fascinating story of the role of elements in making our electrical technology possible. Covering the complete journey from ore to high tech device, we highlight the work of mining and material engineers in crafting the ideal material for the job. The series features some of the best talent from industry leading companies and universities.


This series is brought to you by two non-profits experienced in publication of educational material: the Edison Tech Center on the engineering side, and the Minerals Education Coalition on the geology/mining/processing side.

This series is a great overview of each element. Designed for high school level and older it breaks down chemistry, geology, physics and engineering into an easy to digest format. The width of material in the video ensures that even experts in the industry are sure to learn something new!

Copper in our Electrical World

Title2Copper300Since the birth of civilized societies this warm-colored mineral has been an important companion to human development. Its importance has only increased in the age of electricity. See how copper is transformed from ore deposits in the throat of volcanos to a pure crystalline metal by hydro and pyrometallurgical processes.

CopperTitleNatural400Learn about the incredible unique properties of copper, and the fascinating technologies that it is used in. Whether making more powerful electromagnets, or its use in all computers, copper holds a key role in our society. Mining experts and acclaimed electrical engineers guide us through the journey of copper from ore to refined

Iron in our Electrical World

IronPromoMiniAerial drones, Tesla sports cars, electric guitars… see how iron ore is engineered into the cool electrical things which make our world run.

From cutting edge labs to the first
electrical device ever sold in the 1830s, explore the chemistry, earth science, mechanics,engineering, mining and physics of IRON.


Discover engineering past present and future!