Fluorescent Lamp Videos

Our resident collector and expert Rick DeLaire has a real passion for fluorescent lamps. This form of electric light is perhaps the most popular lamp in the world today and was invented in the 1930s. Rick loves to talk about the lamp and has his opinions on what was the coolest period in the lamp’s history. We’ve assembled a YouTube playlist of Rick’s videos:

Fluorescent Lamp video playlist here

In addition to videos we have a few articles on fluorescents:

Who Invented the Fluorescent Lamp

Our comprehensive Fluorescent Lamp Page is here

Fluorescent Lamp Development – a timeline with a lot of detail on inventors and contributors

All 12 Videos in one Playlist

The Electric Light program involved publishing 12 videos that include all forms of electric light used for displays or general illumination.  Each video was published as they were created so it is hard to put them together into the complete set without searching. We have assembled all 12 videos and added our laser video in one playlist. This playlist doesn’t include all the outtake videos from the program, but keeps focus on teaching the major forms of light and moves on to the next.

The Electric Light Playlist is here.