Oral History Program DVD List

We offer unique multimedia products that highlight some of the great achievements in engineering of the last century. Since 1976 the founders of the Edison Tech Center have been gathering material on 20th century pioneers at General Electric. Today our library includes video interviews and other visual material from around the globe.

A great way to support the Edison Tech Center’s mission is to purchase DVDs from our media program. For refined videos good for use in classrooms see our Video Series page. For oral histories with some of the greatest electrical and mechanical engineers of our time, see our list below. See our donate page for instructions how to order a DVD and use the Show Code and name to specify which shows you’d like.

Show Code: Subject or Interview with: Series:
VFTE002 Mechanical Engineer: Frank Wicks Edison Exploratorium Presents
VFTE003 Mechanical Engineer: Frank Wicks part 2 Edison Exploratorium Presents
VFTE004 Walter Bardsley – WW2 Aviation Edison Exploratorium Presents
VFTE005 Ari Presler – on digital imagery Edison Exploratorium Presents
VFTEP-1 Nancy Fitzroy interview 1 The Edison Presents
VFTEP-2 Nancy Fitzroy interview 2 The Edison Presents
VFTEP-3 Andrew Burke – on batteries and electric cars The Edison Presents
VFTEP-4 Historic Folsom Power House The Edison Presents
VFTG001 Microwave and Radar technology interviews GE Family Album
VFTG002 Superconductors collection of interviews GE Family Album
VFTG005 Interview with Steve Israel GE Family Album
VFTG006 Interview with Helen Briggs about Steinmetz GE Family Album
VFTG007 Interview with Ethel Cermack about insulator pioneer Cermack GE Family Album
VFTG008 Gosam Memories – 1976 edit of random GE memorabelia GE Family Album
VFTG009 Edison visits in 1922 – old film GE Family Album
VFTG010 Principles of Electricity – 80s education film GE Family Album
VFTG011 AC and DC – 80s educational film GE Family Album
VFTG012 Energy from th Atom – 80s educational film GE Family Album
VFTG013 Steinmetz Day 2008 – Lecture at Union College GE Family Album
VFTG014 Steinmetz Day Lecture at Union College GE Family Album
VFTG015 Arne Loft and his Gas Turbine work GE Family Album
VFTG016 GEMOV and transients with Bill Morris, John Harnden, Lionel Barthold GE Family Album
VFTG017 Lionel Barthold’s work on pioneering utility power systems GE Family Album
VFTG018 Malcolm Horton – pioneer in HVDC power, trolleys in Schenectady GE Family Album
VFTG019 Ted Mihran – life work on Klystrons, Cy Ramo, developing the first microwave ovens GE Family Album
VFTG020 Rudolph Dehn – work on UHF, the MIT Rad Lab, and microwave technologies GE Family Album
VFTG021 Glen Breuer – work HVDC systems. GE Family Album
VFTG022 Al Brower – developing the thyratron, control systems, steel mill automation GE Family Album
VFTG023 Klystrons: Research Development and Manufacture GE Family Album
VFTT001 Pier Abetti – on radio, computers and GE history Techsplorer
VFTT002 Pier Abetti – on radio, computers, and GE history part 2 Techsplorer
VFTT003 Roy Anderson – pioneering satellite communications Techsplorer
VFTT004 Peter Frischman – on superconductor work Techsplorer
VFTT005 Ivar Giaver – physics work Techsplorer
VFTT006 Harold Gauper – on automatic control career Techsplorer
VFTT007 Robert Hall – pioneering the laser and germanium work Techsplorer
VFTT009 Howard Hart – MRI and superconductor work Techsplorer
VFTT010 Harry Apkarian – Schenectady issues Techsplorer
VFTT011 Walt Robb – a leader of the GE Research Lab Techsplorer
VFTT012 Carl Rosner – on his early life and engineering interview part 1 Techsplorer
VFTT013 Carl Rosner – on superconducting work interview part 2 Techsplorer
VFTT014 Roland Schmitt – leader of the GE Research Center Techsplorer
VFTT015 Austin Spang – Automatic Control Work Techsplorer
VFTT016 Paul Swartz – Superconducting work at IGC Techsplorer




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