Building Blocks

DenPowLnVt350The building blocks of technology include important parts like motors, wires batteries and the power grid. Some engineers spend their lives improving this framework which supports everything else. Often a small improvement in a motor or material for example can lead to development of hundreds of new devices.

Explore our pages on building blocks of engineering to get a full appreciation for the tiny and HUGE projects that we work on.

Here are our major categories:

  • Basics – science and background of magnetism and electricity to help you get started if you don’t have much background
  • Power Generation – learn about Generators, solar panels, Gas Turbines and more
  • Power Transmission and Conditioning – Now that we know how power is created how do we send it hundreds of miles? or how do we change it to work with our micro device? Learn about lighting suppression, transformers and more.
  • Motors – this is how we turn moving electrons into any sort of physical motion. Learn about induction motors used in drones, cars and the battled history of the motor
  • Batteries and Storage – how do we store electricity? Learn about batteries and super capacitors.
  • Materials – Learn about the most important materials in electrical products. From copper to semiconductors if you work in engineering or as a tech you need to understand the materials you are working with.

Visit the Edison Tech Center:

You can see examples of all of these technologies on display at the Edison Tech Center in Schenectady, New York. We have old and new versions of the technology in a form where you can pick up and touch the technology. You can also check out the MiSci (Schenectady Museum) while you’re in Schenectady, they have many traditional exhibits and activities for kids. Visit us.


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