Power Generation

There are many ways to collect or generate electricity.  Humans have been extracting energy from nature since the first windmills of ancient Greece.

There are three ways to extract energy:

  • Transfer of movement
  • Visible light or heat extraction
  • Various types of methods that create electric power

When it comes to electric power generation we can use:

  • Chemical reactions
  • Water power
  • Combustion (Steam turbines and reciprocating steam engines)
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Nuclear Power
  • Solar Power
  • Solar Thermal
  • Wind Power
  • Earth (geothermal)

Now lets learn about the various technologies on our reference pages.

Picon-Generators300Generators and Dynamos


Steam Turbines


Gas Turbines


Hydro Power


Photovoltaic Power


Passive Solar and CSP


Wind Power



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