Here is a directory of videos produced for the Universe of Instrumentation Program.

Series Intro Video:

Digital Multimeters
Vacuum Tube Multimeters
Atomic Clocks
CMOS Sensors
The Carbon Microphone

TileAmmVolt200 Unit I. Sensing Electricity

Amp and Volt Meters – main video for Unit I

Basic Digital Multimeter – the modern age of hand-held meters

Vacuum Tube Multimeters – more accuracy, smaller package

Current Transformers – used to meter high voltages

Antique Amp and Volt Meters – visuals of historic meters

TileTime-200 Unit II. Time and Electricity

Mechanical Clock Inaccuracies

Atomic Clocks Brief History

Time Interval Counters

TilePhoto-200 Unit III. Seeing with Electricity

How a CMOS chip works

Adaptive Optics Discoveries

James Webb Space Telescope

TileSound-200 Unit IV. Mechanical-electrical

The Carbon Arc Microphone